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4.9 Star average based on 30 reviews.


"Such an amazing service. We knew the quality would be outstanding, but the insightful expertise of the designers meant that our signs and facade graphics turned out just the way we wanted them to! I have full trust in the recommendations that they because the quality they deliver is always exceptional!"

- Cecilia Brown


"Our new reception sign looks wonderful! High-quality work and solid. I highly recommend Lovett Signs. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated."

- Bob Lyons


"The team at Lovett Signs is pretty awesome! Theyre super organized, courteous, and very customer service focused. They helped me with my sign redesign for my company and the new sign has immediately brought me new business. The design team also helped me come up with the new, and it looks seamless. I will definitely come to them again in the future."

- Francis Gilmore


"Working with the team at Lovett Signs is always seamless! I am a Graphic designer and work with many retailers and small businesses all over Canada. I can count on Lovett Signs to build my custom designs and install them without issue. I really appreciated their work and will continue to work with them as my preferred vendor."

- Darren Ballard


"I absolutely love my new sign for my business. I really love the sign design ideas that the creative team helped me with. They asked me plenty of questions to better understand my business and the look I wanted to achieve. After that, they gave me a couple of options. It was an easy process because I really loved their first design. They built it quickly and had it installed shortly after. My experience was great. I would recommend this company for outstanding quality and customer service. Thanks for everything."

- Tylor Sanford


"By far the best sign company to work with. Their team is great at communication, planning, ideas and installation services. Plus the customer service was outstanding. I will be referring Lovett Signs to my network."

- Bruce Dunwrite


"My experience with Lovett Signs was exceptional, and i was extremely satisfied with the signage completed for my business. I would personally like to thank Megan Hodgkinson for dealing with my signage contract. Megan was extremely professional and offered amazing service. Megan provided design advice, and and was very helpful and knowledgeable through the entire process. My work trucks now have great signage thanks the team at Lovett Signs! My family business has used Lovett Signs for decades! Thank you for the quality work and great service! "

- Ted Mooney


"You dream it. They make it. Here's your sign. Ta-da!!!! Amazing service so good you'll LOVETT!!"

- Matt R


"High quality and fast service. Other companies tried many times but couldn't find out why our sign was flickering. Lovett Signs came and got it fixed in only one trip!! They were flexible around our business hours too!"

- Michelle Liang



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